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4 Things to avoid in college

The first semester is just a few blinks away and most of you must be daydreaming about college with “papa kehte hain” as the background score. Let’s fast forward a month or two into your new college and see what life will be like:

  1. You have a new set of friends
  2. You are totally enjoying the new found independence
  3. In short, life has never been better……..


Sorry to burst your bubble this bliss will not continue forever. You have to one day pass out of college and get yourself a job. So even while you enjoy  remember to avoid these commonly made mistakes:

Think I know everything:

You might be the most brilliant thing to have happened after sliced bread but your professors still know way more than you do. So take their advice on academics seriously. There is a lot to learn from your fellow students too. You can acquire immense exposure and knowledge on a college campus provided you stay humble and grounded.

pic 2 (1)

Skip college activities:

Being an enthu cutlet in college has its own benefits. Take part in activities for the college such as finding sponsorships for the college fest or help the college placement team find leads. Activities such as this help you pick important skills including teamwork, leadership, communication and even marketing.

pic 3

Be a Sideliner:

Even if you have been audience material all your life, college gives you a chance to participate in a number of extracurricular activities. You will be surprised to know how good they look on your CV three years later, to you prospective employer.

pic 4 (1)

Bunk Classes:

A few classes bunked here and there is ok but do not become a habitual bunker. There are no words to explain the amount of regret you will have when exams are around the corner. And, God forbid should you flunk the paper.

pic 5 (1)

So keep these points in mind and go ahead and enjoy what is going to be the most memorable phase of your life. For any further career-related assistance message Career Preamble on our Facebook page or mail us at ask@careerpreamble.com

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