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Board Results not as expected? Things you need to know and do

Have the Board Results clean bowled your mind completely, just like Ravichandran Ashwin at his bowling best?

In that case, take a deep breath, Relax and take note of the following facts:

Five years later it won’t matter:

Believe me, all those successful people who say they don’t remember their board marks are not exaggerating. To be successful you need to be good at what you do and ultimately nothing else will matter. Period.

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You will get a second chance:

Do not lose heart if you can’t graduate from a college of your choice. You can still prepare well for competitive exams and get through a good institute for Post-graduation.

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Several good courses in good colleges are entrance exam based:

All is not lost yet! Stay calm and prepare well for the remaining entrance exams and give them your best shot.

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Improvement Exam:

CBSE allows you to apply for an improvement exam if you have passed a particular paper but think you could have performed better.

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However, that said none of us can deny that poor results make us feel bad; especially when you have prepared for the exams with your very heart and soul. So to cope with this depressing phase try these simple things:



Speak to a good friend and let your guts out.

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Though sounds difficult but go out and enjoy. Do something fun to welcome this new and exciting phase in life. So what if it didn’t start on the best note!

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Do a thorough research on what career options are available to you, now that you know your marks.

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Ask for help:

Finally, if you feel you are not able to cope with the pressure yourself do not hesitate to ask for professional help.

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