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Career Counseling for school kids

Our “Robocop” approach combines objective assessment of the child with a personal touch to address the unique challenges each child faces. Our experienced career counselors run an assessment of the youngsters, understanding their goals/aptitude and matching it with vocations best suited to maximize their potential. Read more here…
Please email us at ask@careerpreamble.com to know more.

Guidance for B-school applications

The application process for top-ranked B-schools is rigorous and you are pitted against the best in the world. The essays you write are your life stories. You put your heart and soul into it. Our team of graduates from premier B-schools helps you enhance the appeal of your essays so as to enhance your chances receiving a world-class education. Read more here…
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Resume Writing Services

Recruiters receive terabytes of resumes in their inbox every year. Most of it is marked SPAM. How is your resume going to make the cut? Let us help you create a crisp email and resume. As soon as you get the interview call, ping us again. We will guide you using mock interviews and enable you to put your best foot forward. Read more here…

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