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Guidance for MBA Applications

Essay guidance

Your Essays and Statement of Purpose hold the key to your selection.
Tier-1 B-schools use CAT or GMAT scores merely as an elimination tool. It is your Essays and Statement of Purpose which decide whether you would get through top B-schools. Career Preamble helps you identify key aspects of your personality and significant life events. Thereafter it helps you portray them in a creative manner in your essays, giving you a fair shot at getting through your dream college.

What to include in your application

Should you should incorporate that singing competition you won in school or the "Employee of the month" award you recently won in office?
Essays usually have a word limit of 300-500 words and so are like an expensive real estate. Only the most important aspects of your life can find a place there. Career Preamble helps you in rationalizing what is critical to include and what is superfluous. Moreover, each B-school is unique in its own way. A B-school may or may not suit your needs, depending on its location, the kind of profiles/companies which come to campus and so on. Career Preamble helps you think through your choice of B-schools in a rational manner.

Testimonials - HEC, ISB, IIM-A, IIM-B

"Dedication to work, structured approach, thoroughness, and ease of explaining comes naturally to (Anshul).... his suggestions made a lasting impact on overall presentation and helped me secure selection at full-time MBA program of HEC Paris."
"Anshul reviewed my application for ISB and IIM-B and provided immensely valuable feedback. He also interviewed me and helped me find out ways to perform better. Due to his valuable inputs, I was able to convert all the calls I had. He was also helpful in boosting my self-confidence before the interview, for which I am really thankful to him.
"(Anshul) went out of his way to guide me and provide me feedback about my essays, resume and everything else that the application entails. His sincere effort and qualitative insights are something, that, in retrospect, I just could not have done without.
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