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Resume preparation

Your resume drives the interview

We enable you to create "hooks" around which you want the interviewer to ask questions.
Recruiters have a very short attention span and spent barely 30-45 seconds per resume. So it is not worth making a 2-3 page resume unless you are in IT industry or scientific research. Career Preamble helps you craft a concise and compelling resume without any extra flab. In essence, we help you control the flow of the interview via your resume.
We also help craft bespoke resumes for a specific role or company in order to maximize your chances of bagging that coveted job offer.

What to include on a resume

The stress should be of quality rather than quantity.
Our resume is not our biography. It should incorporate those aspects of our life which are relevant to the job. If you won the dance competition and participated in the singing competition in college, just mention your victory in the dance competition in the resume. Elaborate on the dance form and the level of competition (inter-college/state/national level). 
Again, father's name and marital status are not relevant for most job openings. Including career objective is passé. Do not let these things occupy precious real estate in your resume.

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Mukesh, a Senior Consultant at Pulsar Knowledge Centre used our services and has this to say about it:
"Whenever it comes down to taking a tough call regarding professional life, Career Preamble has helped me think it through. They have helped me evaluate various options logically, explaining how they will impact my long-term career growth. Career Preamble has also carved out a concise, impactful resume out of my long-winded CV without diluting the message I want to convey. Would highly recommend them for resolving career queries."
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